What are Cuelinks APIs?

What are Cuelinks APIs?

The Cuelinks API (Application Programming Interface) is the endpoint from which you can obtain updated/latest information related to campaigns and transactions in your Cuelinks account. It provides details such as revenue earned from a particular store, a particular offer, on a particular date, etc.

With the Cuelinks API, you can access campaign details, campaign counts, transactions, generate tracking links, offers, and more.
Fore more details you can always refer Cuelinks documentation : https://cuelinks.docs.apiary.io/

Note: The Cuelinks API does not provide merchant/advertiser product feeds.

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    • How can I use APIs?

      Once you have the API key from Cuelinks team, you can use the same to access the API at your end. For more details, Refer API documentation: https://cuelinks.docs.apiary.io/
    • How do I get my access tokens?

      To gain access to our API, publishers who earn more than Rs 10,000 per month from their website/blog/inventory can apply for an API access token. To generate your token, please send an email to support@cuelinks.com. Alternatively, if you have a ...
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